Massage Therapy and Bodywork



1 hour -    $180

90 min-     $270

- packages are available at a discounted rate

Bookings available Sunday-Thursday

Massage Modalities


Considered by many to be the gentle 'fluff' massage.  However these circulatory strokes are very effective in flushing the old blood and waste from the muscles to allow fresh oxygenated blood in.

Deep Tissue-

Stronger, slower pressure is applied to access the muscles under muscles.  These sublayers can become very stiff over time and need fresh blood and hydration to have optimal function.

Trigger Point-

These are small areas of muscle fibers that remain in 'action' mode when action is no longer required.  They can cause specific pain or irritation in an area, refer pain to another area, or sometimes they go unnoticed depending on the type.  Using sustained pressure with fingers, thumbs, or elbows on the hyperactive area will help to block the signal and restore calm.  Then by flushing and stretching the area harmony can ensue.  

Fascia Release-

This modality targets the 'stuck' areas, bringing back hydration and glide.  Fascia is wonderful connective tissue that helps keep us together, literally.  By using just a small amount of lotion (if any) and the participation of the client this slow, mindful work is immensely therapeutic. This is the focus of the SB-3 and ATSI series. 

Sports Massage-

Many therapists (myself included) consider sports massage as a combination of all of the above techniques depending on what is needed.  The massage session adapts to peak, off-peak, and rehab situations.  This is primarily my style of massage.