Massage Therapy and Bodywork


​​Introducing  Anatomy Trains Structural Integration

​(formerly known as KMI)

KMI (kinesis myofascial integration)is a form of SI (structural integration).  SI work is different from massage as it works with fascia and myofascia.  This is connective tissue that is found basically everywhere in our body from superficial to deep.  Unlike massage where you lay on the table and zone out, these sessions require your participation and awareness.  You will be able to feel the difference and appreciate the outcome.  SI work is a wonderful investment in keeping your body healthy and mobile.  

What are the benefits?

KMI can help to reduce pain, increase mobility, and give you a smarter body.  You will gain a more complete picture of your body in your head, and the value in this is you keep this knowledge and use it throughout your life!  In these interactive sessions  you performing small movements while I work with the fascia.  This wonderful sublime connection gives you and your body a new dialogue (reopens neuromuscular paths that became unused and forgotten) which helps to keep the results.  Speaking of sublime, you may also experience an 'energetic lift' as the body becomes more aligned.

Breakdown of the series-

This 12 session series addresses local pain and immobility in a global format.  Before each session a standing postural assessment is made to help determine the session strategy.  I will be looking at greater possibilities of balance from head to toe.

Sessions 1-4 address superficial layers, these layers typically are compensating for deeper layers of imbalance.

Sessions 5-8 are core sessions.  The deep fascial layers most responsible for held postural patterns are addressed.

Sessions 9-12 are integrating sessions.  These sessions are designed to familiarize your body to more efficient body patterns by incorporating more seated and standing movements.

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