Massage Therapy and Bodywork


​oAbout Pam..

Pamela Manders is a New York licensed and Nationally Certified massage therapist since 2010.  She has studied advanced fascia release techniques and is a certified KMI structural integrator (Tom Myers/ Anatomy Trains).  She continues the study of bodywork to improve posture and promote healing.  Her practice is focused mainly on sports massage, fascia release, and structural integration.   This therapeutic approach works toward a well-balanced body and freedom in movement, whatever the lifestyle may be.  Clientele range from working mothers, active retirees, to professional musicians and athletes. 

Pamela works with myofascia to ease areas that develop restricted movement due to postural tension and repetitive strain.   This is an interactive process between therapist and client.  The process not only relieves tension, but brings a renewed awareness into the body.