What it is

SB-3 is a 3 session introduction into structural bodywork developed from the Anatomy Trains program.   This comprehensive fascial release is used based on postural analysis, lifestyle, pain, etc...  The work is slow, interactive, and invites you to reconnect and establish a deeper understanding of your body and how it moves.  Each session is focused in a different area but designed to improve communication and mobility to your body as a whole....


Session 1- Low body/ Pelvic Girdle
Feet and pelvis relationship

Session 2- Upper body/ Shoulder Girdle

Open the breath, Ease shoulder imbalances

Session 3- Neck and Spine

Helping the spine rest on the pelvis and support the head with more efficiency.

What to expect

Every session is approximately 75-90 minutes and starts with a standing postural analysis.  Be sure to wear either a 2-piece bathing suit or undergarments you feel comfortable moving around in.  Expect to be present!  Your participation is an important part of this journey.  Being aware of how, what and where you feel (or not which is fine too) is an essential  piece that is gained from this work.

Fascia work ranges from superficial to deep, and at times can be very sensation 'full'.  However if this sensation crosses into the pain threshold, say something.  The body responds better to work that isn't forced.

Some people feel the results of this work immediately, or it may take a day or two for your body to settle into the adjustments.  But overall the experience is for you to feel your body in a deeper and more connected way.  To have freedom of movement with a better understanding of how this came to be is invaluable information you can use throughout your life.

SB-3 Series  

Developing a deeper awareness of you

Massage Therapy and Bodywork